Health and Wellness Coaching

  • A Health and Wellness Coach (HWC) can cultivate a supportive relationship that helps individuals achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in life and work!
  • A HWC helps clients establish health-promoting mental and physical behaviors that are aligned with evidence-based guidelines in fitness, nutrition, weight management, health risk, stress management, and life satisfaction.
  • Working with a HWC can help you identify and mobilize internal strengths and external resources for sustainable change.
  • Unlock your true potential while building self-awareness, mindfulness, positivity, optimism, self-efficacy and resilience!
  • Invest in your health and a collaborative partnership that will enable you to succeed and navigate your journey of change!

The Wave of Wellness Health Coaching Package

Take ownership of your health and sign up for 12 weeks of health and wellness coaching

  • Coaching starts at 12 weeks ( you may select 12 or 8 total coaching sessions).
  • Initial coaching session is usually longer 60-90 minutes.
  • Follow up coaching sessions usually run ~45 minutes.
  • Coaching sessions (date/times) are flexible and will be agreed upon together.
  • Price of coaching package dependent upon the clients desired transformation and the value of the coaching experience.

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