Lose a Few Pounds of Fat with this!

For anyone wanting an easy way to burn off a few extra pounds of fat you need to give this a try! Lately, more and more research is supporting the benefits of apple cider vinegar and its effects on body fat, body weight and triglyceride levels. The benefits of ACV are even better when youContinue reading “Lose a Few Pounds of Fat with this!”

Serious Effects of Stress on the Body and My Approach Towards It

We all like to think we handle stress effectively, but is that really the truth? Every day we are exposed to environmental stressors, physiological stressors, and most frequently emotional stressors. Such stressors differ in severity and affect us more than others. Unhealthy amounts of stress can cause serious effects on our brain, compromise our immuneContinue reading “Serious Effects of Stress on the Body and My Approach Towards It”