Action Usually Comes Before Motivation

Change is hard and that’s okay! Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret about one thing you can do to help yourself when it comes to changing your health behaviors! You’ll be able to apply this tip to many different domains of your life that involve making behavior changes or when you want to build some new healthy habits. Many waste time waiting for the perfect opportunity to come around or for motivation to kick in before deciding to act. Understand that you will be so much more effective and successful in implementing healthy behavior changes to your life when you finally decide to just start doing the things you know you need to do.

It’s easy to try and look for the “motivating secret” assuming that it will help push you to act but often motivation works the other way around. Motivation builds and becomes stronger usually after we’ve done something. Thinking, assuming and feeling often do not help us to do things and they don’t yield any tangible results. It’s not until you actually do something that we feel invigorated and energized! Why might that be? Easy. It’s because action is real. Tasks get done and goals get reached when you act. Action empowers us to do more! Action is measurable evidence that can show us what to do next. Action can be down right satisfying and make us feel good, kickstarting a snowball effect.

So how can we act more and waste less time “feeling stuck”, procrastinating and waiting for motivation to hit us in the face? MAKE TIME. Making time declares that YOU matter! “Make time, and take action”. That’s the secret to making sustainable, lasting change. Remember, If you don’t make the time then time will be taken from you.

Try to book an appointment with yourself everyday to practice your new health behavior, meal-prep, workout, yoga, meditation, and otherwise do what needs to be done. To start out this can be as simple as making time 5-minutes a day to do a small action that moves you towards your goals. Think of this as being a small daily commitment to you and your priorities, goals and values. When you finally get that snowball rolling, so too will your motivation. You’d be surprised at how well doing small daily actions consistently can be at breaking us out of procrastination and that feeling of being “stuck”.

Identify what is important to you so you can make time and take action doing the small daily actions that make everything else possible! Small, consistent actions create momentum!

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