A Healthier You Starts Here!

Nothing will ever be more important than your own health and happiness. There will always be room to evolve your knowledge on health and wellness. My thoughts on “health” have been constantly changing and growing over the past few years for the better because I come from an unhealthy past. By “unhealthy” I mean I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes, I was overweight and obese, encountered problems with high blood pressure, my relationship with food and myself was pretty poor, etc. Not to mention I was so young and all this was happening while I was in high school. Ultimately, I was putting myself on a real bad path. Now I’m 22 years old, I feel better than I ever have, and I’m constantly seeking ways to improve my overall health. I felt that it was only time to construct my own platform in which I can connect with, educate and inspire others to lead a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle.

Seeking Bird

Any great success will sprout from setting a goal and executing a detailed plan. Having that plan is crucial and having previously been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, weighing 275lbs, I understand how hard it can be to make that first big step towards change. After losing 68lbs and now being roughly 207lb, the change had such a impact on my life that I now look at life in a completely new perspective. I knew it was only a matter of time before I began experimenting with changes in nutrition, new workouts, methods of training, herbal and plant-based supplements, etc.

Working in the supplement/fitness market has also influenced my view of health for I get to see the good, the bad, and the downright lies within the industry. Fortunately for me, I am personally given the opportunity every day to advise and assist my clients reach their health and wellness goals through the use of supplements. I take some myself too and for anyone curious I intend to have a portion of my website dedicated to different supplements and herbs, ones that I use included. I hold an Associates of Arts Degree in Philosophy but I’m currently pursuing a B.S. in Health Sciences and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching at the University of Arizona.

My vision for The Wave of Wellness is seeing it be a valuable online resource and a social hub that’s highly interactive where anyone can come for wellness and fitness education/Inspiration.

“The Master observes the world but trusts his inner vision. He allows things to come and go. His heart is as open as the sky”   –  Lao-tzu

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