Let’s Chase Your Wellness Vision Together!

– Bachelor of Science: Health Sciences emphasis in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Arizona State University

My name is Jonathan O’Brien

My goal is to help us evolve together on our journeys to better health, fitness and personal growth. I’ve seen nutrition, movement, recovery, self-care and simply living well transform people’s bodies, outlook, relationships and experiences. I want to encourage and empower your vision for change and support you along the way. Your very own Health and Wellness Coach or Personal Trainer could be just what you need to unlock your true potential and maximize your performance in life and work, particularly when change seems hard.

Health Coaching

Researched-based, life-changing, personal lifestyle and nutrition coaching for everyone! Transform your behaviors and mindset, build upon strengths and discover inner resources; open up a realm of new possibilities to truly maximize your lived experience!

Personal Training

Improve your strength, body composition, endurance, performance, physique with a structured, systematic and science-based approach to physical training, no matter what your experience level is!

There is no guarantee about your ability to get physical, mental or emotional results with respect to your purchase of The Wave of Wellness coaching services, personal training and guides. You recognize that we have made no guarantees about future results. All purchases are final there are no exceptions.

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